Cladding Repairs in Scottish-Borders | Cladding Installations and Maintenance

All manner of cladding repairs can be carried out by our experienced team including building alteration works (roof/wall penetrations and window/door alterations or additions). Gutter refurbishments ( cleaning/painting ), roof and gutter Seamsil/HPG repair works , GRP roof penetration works, National Break in/Vandalism temporary and permanent repairs, fire damage repairs, Syphonic Drainage & Mansafe System Inspections, Rooflight replacement, Composite panel / Sheet damage repairs and Cladding painting / cleaning works . Some of this can be then backed up with a guarantee for the works carried out – please contact us to find out more.

We can respond swiftly to emergency repairs caused by accidental damage, severe weather or general breakdown or can include cladding repairs as part of any scheduled maintenance contract.

Oasis Cladding’s roof cladding maintenance, repair and replacement services makes sure that potential problematic situations are avoided. We use all of our own access equipment and specialist tradesman to ensure you get the best possible job.

Wall cladding can be equally important, not only providing aesthetics to a building but also protecting from the elements. At Oasis Cladding LTD we provide a full roof and wall cladding building maintenance and replacement service, where we deal with all minor or major wall cladding replacements using our own access equipment and specialist trades people.

External overcladding can offer a means to improve the value of a property and increase it's longevity but once external overcladding has been applied it's state needs to be maintained effectively. We have the expertise and facilities to make external cladding repairs in Scottish-Borders and this may offer a cheaper solution than a full building restoration.

It is possible to give wall cladding a complete facelift without the need for extensive major construction work. As well as improving the protection from the elements, a cladding facelift can significantly improve the appearance of a building to the point of almost making it look like a new build. We have experience of working with most cladding materials in Scottish-Borders . We can also make any required repair or maintenance to rain screen cladding. If you think your building, factory of office needs a facelift, contact us for a site survey to discuss the options.

In the same way that a car will undertake an MOT based on a clear checklist, our building maintenance is carried out in the same way.

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